Hi I'm Nuno

and I'm an experienced freelance web developer

What will you get

When you hire my services as a freelance web developer you will benefit from over 20 years of experience in different areas from system administration to web development with a strong emphasis on best practices

You can expect the best possible work always following the latest industry practices, I cannot develop code that is not tested, even in JavaScript

What have I done

IBM IIES - Portuguese Social Welfare IT agency SPIL Games eFuture Flooved/Docsperfect

I’ve worked for big players like IBM, Public Sector and large online brands with over 50 billion daily page views

I’m the author of well known plugins for sublime text and atom.io like the Getters & Setters Generator or the Composer plugin

My passion for semantically correct HTML led me to develop CaptionerJs, and my passion for security made me develop Caparica and the Caparica Symfony Bundle to securely communicate with rest APIs

You might also be interested in my YouTube Channel where I discuss best practices and give coding lessons

Get in touch

If you need help coding your next project, refactoring legacy code or advise on best practices and processes don’t hesitate, get my services as a Freelance Web Developer

What customers say

Hamish Brocklebank

Co-founder at Flooved

Nuno is one the smartest and most hardworking CTO’s I have ever worked with. He consistently over performed and delivered projects early. which for software development is a rarity. He has a broad knowledge base of most dev languages and is able to pick up new ones very quickly. I can’t rate him highly enough!

Jeroen Nas


Nuno knows. About everything, and most likely when it concerns IT, which that is great to work with. Nuno’s knowledge is not limited to facts: the combination with his creativity makes Nuno deliver creative AND robust solutions for your software architecture. His focus on quality and his enthusiasm on Scrum procedures make sure that he builds to last. Try it!

Mike McGrail

CTO at Spil Games

Nuno was one of the key people involved in our transformation from basic casual game sites to a full blown Social Gaming Platform. His contributions in the area of team dynamics as well as technology were great. If you are interested in someone who can bring both technical and social skills to a web development environment, look Nuno up!

Rolf Vreijdenberger

Senior Developer at eFuture

Nuno has a strong and balanced vision on software development with an open mind towards adapting processes to the needs of the product. As an experienced developer and architect he knows what it takes to maintain quality for a project. He has a strong focus on providing value in what he does for the client, the project and the end user. It is a talent that enables him to ask the right questions and to come up with great solutions for problems that arise along the way. I have enjoyed working with Nuno and would recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced technical internet professional.